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About FBBC Endorsements

The Fort Bend Business Coalition (FBBC) endorses elected officials and candidates that share our Guiding Principles. The purpose of the endorsement is to elect candidates or keep those elected officials in office that will protect and improve the business climate desired by businesses represented by our members.

Candidates and elected officials desiring endorsement from the FBBC must submit their resume to the Executive Director of the FBBC. On receipt of the resume, a questionnaire will be prepared and sent to the candidate or elected official to complete. On receipt of the completed questionnaire, the Executive Director will schedule an interview with the candidate or elected official. An interview will be conducted by at least three Trustee Members. If the interview committee recommends for endorsement, a ballot of the recommended candidate will be submitted to the entire Trustee Membership. A two thirds favorable vote from the membership is required for a candidate or an elected official to receive an endorsement from the FBBC.

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