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Steering Committee

Jeffery Alford
Dr. Jeffery Alford
Mary Favre
Mary Favre
Bob Hebert
The Honorable Bob Hebert
Bill Jameson
Bill Jameson
Marvin Marcell
Marvin Marcell
Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong

Fort Bend Business Coalition Committees: Find Your Niche

The Fort Bend Business Coalition (FBBC) has five committees that support the organization’s core values of creating a pro-business environment for Fort Bend County. Members are invited to serve on these committees to enhance their involvement in the organization.

Four of the FBBC committees are divided into government jurisdictional categories. These committees are responsible for serving as liaisons between the organization and elected officials, hosting informative events and keeping the FBBC membership informed of vital issues affecting business in the respective jurisdictions. Additionally, the committees are responsible for vetting and evaluating candidates participating in Fort Bend elections via research, questionnaires and personal interviews. The Committees then make endorsement recommendations to the Steering Committee based on the organization’s core values.

The four Fort Bend Business Coalition Committees divided into four government jurisdictional categories are:

State Committee    Chair: Marvin Marcell

County Committee    Chair: The Honorable Bob Hebert

City Committee    Chair: Daniel Wong

School Board Committee    Chair: Bill Jameson


The Ambassadors are responsible for both growing the organization by recruiting individuals interested in furthering the organization’s mission and retaining membership through member relations via various activities, including engaging with attendees at events, social media, partnerships, personal outreach and communication initiatives. Ambassadors are responsible for hosting one annual recruitment event encouraging membership to attend and bring a potential member as a guest.

Ambassador Chair: Mary Favre

Which committee is right for you?

To learn more, contact Dave Johnston at or 713.816.7887.

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